About Us!


My name is Marcel Bruggink and I have been a driving instructor since 2014. Initially franchise, but since 2015 I have my own driving school. I am a calm and skilled driving instructor and have completed my driving training at De VerkeersAcademie.


About RIJLES+ Rijopleiding

Rijles+ Rijopleiding is the driving school for Amersfoort, Nijkerkerveen e.o. and is a progressive driving school with a skilled instructor. Quality, flexibility and professionalism are of paramount importance to us. We specialize in training our students to become independent road users. After obtaining their driver's license, the students are able to participate in traffic smoothly, safely and independently. This is also our goal and we achieve this in a fun and relaxed way. We pay optimal attention to you! Everybody is different. Some have mastered driving right away and others need a little more time. With us, for example, it is possible to opt for an Intermediate Time Test (TTT). This is a test to test your skills for the real exam. An anxiety exam is also an option. We offer you advice so that you can get your driver's license at your own pace and according to your wishes.

We offer the following courses:


  • Driving lessons from 16.5 years
  • Driving lessons in a  automatic car
  • Refresher courses
  • Drive anxiety guidance Fear of failure guidance
  • Driving test CBR guidance

The ++ of  Rijles+ Rijopleiding


+   Always automatic lessons

+    Trial lesson € 30,- (will be settled with the 1st driving lesson).

+     The same driving instructor for your entire driving course

+     Knowledgeable and qualified driving instructor

+     Fear of failure certified

+     Training according to the RIS method (Driver Training In Steps)

+     A welcome package with your driving lesson package including practical booklet


Rijles+ Rijopleiding is the link between you and your driver's license!