Older people (Seniors) may be faced with a driving test. This must be taken at the CBR by an expert.


For whatever reason, seniors may be required to take a driving test at the CBR for medical reasons.

Sometimes more information is needed about the suitability of a director in practice. In such a case, the medical advisor will refer you to a driving test with an expert practical fitness to drive from the CBR. This is not a new driving exam but a driving test. The expert checks whether someone is fit to drive. You may also receive an invitation for a technical investigation. A technical examination is mainly aimed at determining whether adjustments are necessary in your own car and, if so, which ones. Sometimes the adjustment is limited to a 'simple' automatic transmission or power brakes.


Why a driving test?

A driving test is not a driving test. A driving test is taken to see whether the person concerned drives the motor vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. If this is not the case, we will check whether this is possible with adjustments to the vehicle. Ultimately, with the CBR you choose a possibly adapted motor vehicle, in which you can do the same as an average road user.

Not only should you have the same opportunities, but you should also be subject to the same safety standards.

A driving test must also be taken when it is necessary to assess the extent to which a person's condition affects the safe and responsible driving of a vehicle. The expert will spend approximately one hour checking whether the person involved is driving the motor vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.

Unfortunately, it can also happen that someone of a respectable age makes a mistake in traffic, resulting in a traffic accident. This does not necessarily mean that this person can no longer drive. The justice department can then decide to confiscate the driver's license. From that moment on, driving is no longer allowed and a driving test must be taken at the CBR.

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