Refresher course

Why a Refresher Course?

Traffic rules are changing, roads are becoming busier and new means of transport are appearing on the streets. It is important for every road user to stay up to date. Have you not driven for a long time or are you no longer used to heavy traffic? Do you find driving on the highway frightening? Then a refresher course can be very useful. During the refresher course you will work on your self-confidence and regain full control of the car. With the instructor next to you, you will learn to get used to the car and all the other traffic on the road. You become calmer and more sure of yourself.

Method refresher course

During the 1st appointment we will discuss the points that you find difficult on the road. You can also indicate which situations you would like to practice extra. Driving in the hustle and bustle of the city center or learning to park, it is all possible.

The refresher course is suitable for:

  • Anyone who feels insecure behind the wheel
  • Elderly people who are unsure because of the rapidly changing traffic rules
  • Motorists who have difficulty parking the car
  • Motorists sometimes detour tens of kilometers to avoid the highway
  • Young people who have not driven since obtaining their driver's license or who have driven very little

Is a refresher course something for you?

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