AUTOMATIC transmission

The automatic transmission is on an unstoppable rise, and more and more people are seeing the benefits of an automatic transmission. The disadvantage of receiving a machine code on your driver's license will disappear in the foreseeable future.

What are the advantages of an automatic transmission?


1. Relaxed
2. Safer
3 Driving in a traffic jam
4. More economical

 1. RELAXED: You can drive more relaxed in an automatic because you don't have to use your left foot, because you don't have a clutch. You can keep your hands on the wheel because you don't have to shift gears.
2. SAFER: because you have to perform far fewer actions and can therefore focus more on the traffic
3. TRAFFIC DRIVING: When driving in a traffic jam, you only have to accelerate and brake, you no longer have to think about shifting, it happens automatically. This makes driving in traffic jams a lot more pleasant and the car cannot turn.
4. MORE ECONOMIC, because nowadays an automatic transmission is even more economical than a manual transmission, because an automatic transmission has more gears and therefore always runs at the optimal speed.
That is why we also provide automatic driving lessons for you in Amersfoort and the surrounding area.


You do have your driver's license, but if you would like to experience how an automatic and/or electric car drives, please contact us.

You can also contact us for a refresher course or for guidance with a CBR driving test.

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