What is the interim test for the car?

An interim test is a kind of test exam. The test takes as long as a practical exam and you do the same things. This is how you already get used to the exam situation. You will also receive tips from a CBR examiner to continue practicing during your next driving lessons.
You also do special operations during your test. Are you doing that right? Then you get an exemption. That means that you no longer have to do this with your first exam after your test. In our video we give tips for the special transactions.

How long is the exemption for the special transactions valid?
The exemption remains valid until your first practical exam after your test. There is no end date here.
Do you take multiple interim tests for your practical exam? Then only the result of the last test applies. Do you achieve the special transactions with an earlier test, but not with the latter? Then you have no exemption for the exam.

Your exemption is no longer valid if you do not pass the exam. Unfortunately, the examiner did not see that you could drive enough. That is why you also have to do the special operations again.

Exemption achieved with an automatic transmission
Do you achieve the special transactions in a car with automatic switching system (automatic)? Then the exemption only applies if you also drive with an automatic transmission during the practical exam. Do you drive off with a manual car? Then you still have to do the special transactions.
Conversely, this is not the case. If you get the special transactions with a manual car, the exemption also remains valid if you take a practical exam in a vending machine.

When can I do an interim test?
You always do the interim test before you do your practical exam or further research driving skills. For an interim car you have to be at least 16.5 years old. You must also have passed your theory exam.

What should I take to the interim test?
For the interim test for the car you have to take the following things with you:

  • The invitation.
  • Your valid proof of identity. You may not take an exam without proof of identity.
  • The completed form "Self -reflection". You can download this form on our website, or ask for your trainer.
  • Did you not pass the theory exam? Then you can only take the interim test if you can show one of the documents below on the exam:
    • a valid military theory certificate;
    • A Dutch driving license B automatic code 78, this driver's license may have expired;
    • A valid EU, honor or Swiss driver's license B automatic code 78

How is the interim test going?

In the video below you can see how the interim test goes. Under the video you can briefly read the steps again.

This is how the interim test of the CBR - Video

Just like the driving test, the interim test takes a total of 55 minutes. It consists of the following parts:

1. For the test
In the CBR exam center you will become acquainted with the examiner. It explains how your test runs and checks:

  • the invitation for your interim test;
  • your proof of identity;
  • Or you passed your theory exam:
  • Whether you have completed the self -reflection form. After the test ride, the examiner will discuss this form with you'
  • In principle your instructor will ride during the test, if you want.    

2. In the parking lot

  • You do a eyes test in the parking lot. You can read the license plate of a stationary car about 25 meters away.
  • In preparation for the ride, the examiner asks you some questions about the car. For example about checking the engine fluid or the lights on the dashboard.

3. The test ride
The test ride takes approximately 35 minutes. You partly drive independently to a certain destination. You do this with the help of a navigation system. For the most part you drive on instructions from the examiner. He looks at whether you drive safely and independently. In doing so, he pays attention, among other things:

  • control of the car;
  • viewing behavior;
  • give priority;
  • to overtake;
  • in and out;
  • Driving at intersections and roundabouts;
  • Special transactions.

4. The advice
Immediately after the end of the test ride you will be told in the CBR exam center how it went. In addition, the examiner gives advice that you can still work on for your driving test. The examiner also tells whether you have performed the special transactions properly, safely and smoothly.

If you have done the special transactions well during the interim test, you will receive an exemption. This means that the examiner no longer tests you for your next practical practical exam. That is a bonus.